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Our Products

White Masterbatches (Whitex)

SMP range of white masterbatches has PE and PP as base polymers. Our masterbatches are made from high quality TiO2 to give excellent opacity and brightness without sacrificing functional requiremen.

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Black Masterbatches (BP- Black Pearl)

It is carbon black filled M.B. and of various loading with specific polymer as per the application. We offer over 10 grades of black masterbatches for various applications.

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Color Masterbatches (Rainbow)

SMP has wide range of colored Masterbatches to be used in different plastic applications. These masterbatches are produced with maximum loading of high performance and quality pigments..

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Filter Compounds (Whitex-F)

Fibrillation compounds are used to prevent fibrillation in raffia tapes which occur due to high stretching during the production of tapes. It is also used to bring down the cost of final product. It is CaCo3 with fine particle size which prevents abrasion of equipments.

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Special Effect Masterbatches (SPL)

Fluorescent and Night Glow- Fluorescent and night glow masterbatches contain fluorescent pigments, photo lumes pigments which are not only possess the colors it reflects but also emit fluorescent light in different colors. These products are used in toys, shopping bags, safety signs, various stationary products, cosmetics packaging.

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Additive Masterbatches (Adcon)

UVStabilisers and absorbers , Optical brightner, Slip, Clarifiers, Antistatic, Flameretardants, Processing Aid , Antiblock , Antioxidant .